The Variety of Meditative Experiences ft. Bob Roth

July 31, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought significant disability and death to every country in the world. Understandably, government and private efforts have been directed at protecting populations against infection, and enhancing and developing facilities to provide medical care for those who have been infected. There is, however, a third dimension to the pandemic: the general health, resistance, and resilience of the people who are at risk. It is this third dimension that The Center for Mind-Body Medicine is working actively to address on an individual-, community-, and population-wide scale.

For now, as part of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s commitment to being of immediate service to our greater community, we are presenting a series of free online workshops that you can access, view, and learn from anywhere in the world.

On Friday, July 31st, Dr. Gordon continued the Creating Caring Communities series with guest and colleague, Bob Roth. Bob is the CEO of The David Lynch Foundation, one of the world’s premier Transcendental Meditation (TM) teachers, and the author of Strength in Stillness. He and Bob will be discussing “The Variety of Meditative Experiences”, and how The David Lynch Foundation is sharing meditative practices with COVID-19 healthcare workers.

This webinar is approximately 60 minutes in length.