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Aviva Romm, MD Healing the Healer webinar

Healing the Healer

In this webinar, leading natural wellness doctor and Food As Medicine faculty member Aviva Romm, MD will explore why it is so important for healers to practice self-care and will provide tips on how to incorporate self-care. This webinar is part of the Food As Medicine for Women’s Health series and is hosted by Kathie Madonna Swift.

Webinar: Key Microbial Families – Difference makers and dietary factors

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine presents a free Mind, Mood & Food webinar presented by Food AS Medicine Faculty Member, John Bagnulo, MPH, PhD. This webinar will cover the intersection of the body’s microbiome and the overall health and wellbeing of the body. This webinar will be presented on November 20, 2019 at 12 PM EST.

Reduce Stress and Build Resilience with Online Mind-Body Skills Groups

A free mind-body medicine webinar presented by CMBM senior faculty member, Matt Erb PT on the power of online mind-body skills groups.