Category: Webinar

Trauma, Violent Extremism and Transformation: Walking the Path from Pain and Rage to Possibility

A conversation featuring Jesse Morton and James S. Gordon, MD.

The New Year at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

A conversation featuring James S. Gordon, MD and Rosemary Lombard, Ed.M, MBA.

The World Just Had a Wellness Wake-up Call! Now What?

A conversation featuring Melisse Gelula and James S. Gordon, MD.

Caring for the Earth and Ourselves

A conversation featuring Lynne Twist and James S. Gordon, MD

Bringing Mindful Healing to Our National Crisis

A conversation featuring Congressman Tim Ryan and James S. Gordon, MD.

Eating Well and Wisely in a Trauma Heavy Time

A live conversation with Dr. Will Cole.

Meeting the Challenges of Frontline Healthcare During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A conversation with Dr. Daniel Winkle Medical Director for Rehabilitation Services at the Alameda Health System.

Staying Mindful in the Midst of Challenging Times

Bringing about the transformation that is calling to each of us

Transforming Our Personal and National Trauma

Techniques & approaches for greater understanding, compassion, and love – for ourselves and others

Learning the Lessons Our Collective Trauma Has to Teach: Part II

Join Dr. Gordon for a conversation about how to recognize, understand, and deal with what we’re experiencing