Aproteem Choudhury

Aproteem Choudhury Houston, Texas, USA

Aproteem Choudhury is a Center for Mind Body Medicine Certified Mind-Body Skills Facilitator and CMBM Faculty member, that was called to respond to his communities need to heal following Hurricane Harvey. Deeply moved by the power of the CMBM model in his community training, he shifted his focus from five years of experience of biomedical/clinical research (Baylor College of Medicine/Houston VA Hospital) to the advocacy and delivery of Mind Body Medicine. 

Apro integrates trauma sensitive mind-body practices in various contexts, and is bringing his experience in leading mind body skills with the  EnCOURAGE Trauma Center and to building the clinical and research Mind-Body Medicine program at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX. He regularly consults to teach individuals and organizations to reduce stress and burnout, improve health and resilience, and nourish the human spirit and holds a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas.