Donna La Chapelle

Donna La Chapelle Minneapolis, Minnesota , USA

Donna La Chapelle is an Ojibwe-Dakota woman. She is an enrolled member of the White Earth Nation. Donna’s passion is to teach and share all that she has learned from her elder’s through a Cultural lens that encompasses history, ceremony, song and language. The Elder’s gave Donna a foundation to build her life experience and a foundation that is rich in spirit and the value of ancestral knowledge. Donna’s education has been life-long in the study of the Healing Arts and American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota. Donna is a Faculty member for the Center for Mind and Body Medicine, Washington D.C. and carries a Certificate in Aboriginal Focused Orientated Therapy. Donna currently works at the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center where she facilitates an Aftercare group for American Indian Women in Recovery. Her contact information is: cell 612 423-1528.