Edris Allonce

Edris Allonce Haiti

Educator (Ecole Normale Superieure); ancillary training in the Psychology of Education; School Director, Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje, ENZ Middle School, P-a-P, Haiti

Life-long active engagement with the Mouvement Eucharistique des Jeunes, an international youth organization. A 10-year member of a religious congregation, moving from teaching French and Sciences to overseeing collaborators, teaching staff and pupils as a School Director.

After the earthquake, called to assist his community and those under his charge, found himself considerably empowered through the CMBM training and techniques. No longer a brother, values the gift of improved decision-making ability, inner strength, increased awareness and ability to witness the way his own mind state and emotions shift with changing external conditions. An appreciation for the fragility of human experience as shaped by events of personal history, coupled with the undeniable usefulness of the techniques in helping every single person in his groups – child, teen-ager -, and adult, have solidified Mind-body techniques into a corner stone of his work with educators, parents and pupils, always and in all learning environment.