Elizabeth Veras

Elizabeth Veras Florida, USA

Elizabeth Veras is a Certified Practitioner with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. As a Happiness Coach, Elizabeth helps individuals gain a better perspective about life so they can resume their pursuit of happiness. A trained group facilitator, she currently runs groups throughout Broward County and online. Elizabeth leads various workshops for staff development including employee wellness. She is a frequent speaker at support groups in local healthcare systems. As a Certified Ageless Grace Educator, Elizabeth teaches brain fitness classes to adults and seniors in assisted living/memory care/independent living facilities. Her work experience includes counseling, education and human resources. Elizabeth enjoys working with children, teens, adults and seniors – anyone who is mapping out or recalculating the route to happiness! She is a Certified Yoga for Youth Educator and is an Advanced Reiki Practitioner. Elizabeth holds degrees from the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University. She also holds a Certificate in Human Resource Management from Florida Atlantic University.