Regine Laroche, B.Sc. Arch.

Regine Laroche, B.Sc. Arch. Architect – Certified Yoga Teacher Gainesville, FL, USA

A native of Haiti, Regine Laroche spent nearly a decade living in the U.S., studying, and working in Urban Planning before returning to her home country in the early 90’s. She has taught yoga as a certified teacher for over two decades while maintaining an architectural practice. Sustained exposure to Yoga’s transformative methodologies for well-being and conscious living has profoundly influenced her interest in human and social dynamics.
Her commitment to meaningful service and passion for individual/collective growth has been the single unrelenting driver in her life.
Regine has been involved in various capacities – as Teacher, Mentor, Facilitator, and Speaker – in programs and activities connected to local as well as international entities, including NGO’s, foundations, socio-professional and humanitarian organizations, and other groups active at the grassroots level in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Her experience has encompassed Environmental Education; Civic & Social Responsibility; “Red-zone” Community-Reinforcement / Dialogue & Non-violent Conflict Resolution; Trauma-informed Yoga & Women Empowerment. She has been a member of the Institut de Recherche et d’Action pour la Paix (IRAP) since 2012.

Regine joined CMBM’s healing work after the 7.1 earthquake that hit her homeland in 2010 left thousands in trauma and shock. As a member of the local Leadership team, she has facilitated Mind-Body Skills Groups and workshops with a diverse segment of the population, including school children, teachers, and college students; camp dwellers and first responders; police officers and young offenders; healthcare professionals and religious orders.
Since 2017, she has participated as international Faculty in Community-based Trainings Programs in the U.S., including Post-Harvey Houston and Broward County after the MSD High School Shooting in Parkland.
Currently based in Gainesville, Florida, Regine continues to engage with Haiti-based groups and organizations and take part in Mind-Body Training Programs as Faculty and as Supervisor. Being part of the CMBM Global Community has been a source of joy that invariably renews her desire to contribute to a more humane, equitable, diverse, and inclusive society.