Prisons and Correctional Systems

Bringing healing to prisons and correctional systems

Prisons are stressful environments for both incarcerated people and prison staff. Studies show that, in addition to stress, incarcerated people report experiencing trauma at some point during their lifetime at significantly higher rates than the general population, with incarcerated women experiencing the highest rates. Incarceration can retraumatize people who have already survived significant trauma. Gaining the skills to heal trauma and cope with stress is an essential part of rehabilitating incarcerated people and fostering prison staff well-being.

Indiana Department of Corrections

Our pilot program with the Indianapolis Department of Corrections provides both prison staff and incarcerated people with tools to heal trauma, relieve stress, and enhance resilience. Correctional staff will learn how to implement our model with their colleagues, and prisoners will similarly use our model with other prisoners. This program will lay the foundation for institutional wellness and transformation in prisons and correctional systems.


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