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Improving social and emotional wellbeing in schools, community colleges, and universities

Mind-body techniques are essential life skills that help students, parents, and educators manage stress, heal trauma, reduce anger, and build resilience.

Broward Schools

Following the tragic 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School, we collaborated with the Broward County Public Schools and Children’s Services Counsel (CSC) to implement a comprehensive trauma relief program for MSD students and their families, and for teachers and staff. We are now bringing CMBM’s comprehensive trauma relief to the entire district (270,000 children, and 30,000 employees), and are working with Broward Schools to create an ongoing program of wellness to promote sustainable transformation. Meanwhile, MSD students have founded and continue to lead a peer-to-peer program of self-care and mutual support. This Mind Body Ambassadors club is a model that is being emulated in numerous schools throughout the district.

The CMBM training program has been invaluable time and time again—three years ago after the shooting at MSD, and today as our community continues to heal and copes with more trauma in the midst of COVID, racial injustice, and our recent elections.

– Suicide Prevention Specialist, Broward County Schools

Middle East

With parallel programs in Gaza and Israel, we are helping communities address the population-wide trauma that comes with war and violence. Since 2005, we’ve partnered with more than 200 organizations and trained over 1,500 caregivers, educators, and community leaders to bring healing tools to 280,000 Gazan children and adults. Through our current initiative, Hope and Healing for Gaza Schools, we are training educators and school counselors to integrate our mind-body approach into both UN and public school curricula and daily routines. Our aim is to make self-care and mutual support an essential part of the educational experiences and home environments of all 250,000 children in Gaza’s public school system. We are currently replicating the programs we’ve developed in Gaza across the world, including several places in the US.

I used to hate sleep because I had terrifying dreams. After I joined the Mind-Body Skills Group and practiced these skills, I got rid of the nightmares. Now I wake up feeling energized and optimistic.

– Student, North Gaza

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