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Our Online Mind-Body Skills Groups are educational, supportive groups built upon developing self-care skills.

Mind-Body Skills Groups have been developed over the last 30 years according to a model created by The Center’s Founder and Executive Director, James S. Gordon, MD, and the Senior Faculty of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. These highly experiential and integrative techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, autogenic training, breath work, movement, self expression and other approaches are taught in a supportive environment.

An online Mind-Body Skills Group is grounded in self-reflection. Sharing and connecting with others creates a wonderful learning and growth environment that supports individual and collective well-being. Mind-Body Skills Groups support being witness to your own as well as other’s emotions and experiences.

Groups emphasize a sense of community. They are small, with 8-10 people and meet on a set day and time for 8 sessions (usually weekly), with each group lasting 2-hours. This format provides an opportunity to begin to integrate the mind-body skills into your life, in a real and practical way, with the support of the group to help you work through any difficulties along the way.


The evidence-based skills that you will learn have been documented to help lower levels of stress, improve mood, enhance resiliency and optimism, and help prevent chronic health conditions.

These skills include:

  • Meditation – Several different kinds, including concentrative, mindfulness, and expressive meditations – all of which promote relaxed, moment to moment awareness.
  • Guided Imagery – To mobilize your imagination, to improve physiological functioning, and address concerns and problems that have previously resisted solutions.
  • Autogenic training & Biofeedback – To develop control over autonomic system functioning, reduce stress, and bring mind and body into balance.
  • Breath Work – Enhance your health through breath awareness
  • Movement – To release stress and increase energy.
  • Self expression – in words in journaling and drawing, to find solutions to previously insoluble problems


Groups are led by experienced facilitators that have completed the Center’s Certification Program in Mind-Body Medicine. Groups will meet for 8 sessions (usually weekly) with each group lasting two hours. Facilitators will be offering groups on an ongoing basis and the group directory will be updated on Tuesdays. Facilitators will establish their own fees, but there are some sliding scale spots available in each group.


This is not a webinar nor an open or drop-in group. This is not a therapy group! Instead this is a highly-supportive educational group with a facilitator who is also an equal participant in the group.


  • Please bring a commitment to participate in all 8 online group sessions
  • A desire to connect with, relate to, and understand others and their unique experience, equal to your own