Since 2005, CMBM has trained over 500 Jewish and Arab-Israeli health, mental health, and education professionals in mind-body skills. In 2009, CMBM established The Training Center for Mind-Body Skills (TCMBS), an independent, nonprofit organization that continues to teach CMBM’s model in Israel.

Through TCMBS, Dr. Naftali Halberstadt, its first director, expanded the Israel program, focusing on those segments of the population that have been most affected by war with Gaza in the South and Hezbollah in the North. In addition, a joint training for Jewish, Arab-Israeli and Palestinian Mind-Body Medicine graduates in working with children and teens was held in 2008. In partnership with Ben Gurion University, CMBM and TCMBS held a Palestinian and Israeli CancerGuides® training in Be’er Sheva, Israel in September 2012.

[The Center’s mind-body skills training] enabled me to be a better person and to reconnect with myself… that I apparently lost in the tortuous road of life, along with the complicated reality of therapy work. … I have no doubt that I’ll apply what I’ve learned and already internalized many things that I’m using day by day – walking meditation, breathing awareness and so on; with all the related communities that I’m involved with – my beautiful family, at my workplace and with family physicians whom I’m training.Anat

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Shaking and Dancing in the Ring of FIre

Shaking and Dancing in the Ring of Fire

By: Naftali Halberstadt, Ph.D.

Our Research

Halberstadt N, Staples JK, Addesky R, Gordon JS. Mind-body groups: concepts, practice, and results (The First International Conference of the Unit of Applied Neuroscience on Training the Mind: Mindfulness, Brain, and Behavior, Dec 30, 2009 Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, Israel).

Data gathered at the Initial and the Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Training Programs in Israel in 2006 showed an increase in the use of mind-body modalities, both personally and professionally, as well as an increase in optimism, a decrease in anxiety, anger and fatigue, and improved spirituality scores.