Since 2005, CMBM has trained over 500 Jewish and Arab-Israeli health, mental health, and education professionals in mind-body skills. In 2009, CMBM established The Training Center for Mind-Body Skills (TCMBS), an independent, nonprofit organization that continues to teach CMBM’s model in Israel.

CMBM Israel conducts mind-body workshops for a variety of audiences, such as: joint workshops for Jews, Arab citizens of Israel and Palestinians, workshops for cancer patients, and for groups suffering from trauma and at-risk situations.

Our Impact

The Training Center for Mind-Body Skills, established in 2009, offers ongoing training & Certification to Israeli clinicians and educators.

  • Children and adults served: 50,000+
  • Jewish & Arab-Israeli professionals trained: 500
  • Organizations currently using our model: 70
  • Center trained school psychologists & counselors, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education : 100+
  • In-country faculty (MD, PhD, MA, LCSW) who have co-led with Dr. Gordon, 5 Mind-Body Medicine trainings and one CancerGuides® training: 16

Our Research

Halberstadt N, Staples JK, Addesky R, Gordon JS. Mind-body groups: concepts, practice, and results (The First International Conference of the Unit of Applied Neuroscience on Training the Mind: Mindfulness, Brain, and Behavior, Dec 30, 2009 Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, Israel).

Data gathered at the Initial and the Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Training Programs in Israel in 2006 showed an increase in the use of mind-body modalities, both personally and professionally, as well as an increase in optimism, a decrease in anxiety, anger and fatigue, and improved spirituality scores.