New Orleans and Southern Louisiana

Begun in 2005 to help heal the suffering post-Hurricane Katrina, this program created a greater New Orleans-wide collaborative network of gifted and committed health, mental health, and education professionals, who are using CMBM’s pioneering model to effectively deal with population-wide psychological trauma and stress. In 2009, alumni of CMBM’s programs created The Mind-Body Center of Louisiana (MBCLA), an independent non-profit working closely with CMBM and providing continuing support for this work.

Since then, MBCLA, under the direction of CMBM faculty member Toni Bankston, LCSW, and in partnership with CMBM, has provided compassionate and effective services to thousands of children traumatized by the loss of their homes. MBCLA has established programs for these young people and their families in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Meanwhile, the MBCLA leaders we trained have brought our model to schools and clinics throughout the region. They have adapted it to work with the homeless, at the VA, and in clinical and educational programs at Tulane and Louisiana State University Medical Schools.

When the BP oil spill occurred in 2010, CMBM worked closely with Catholic Charities and local citizens’ groups to provide trauma healing and resiliency building for the hard-hit populations to Plaquemines and Orleans Parishes.

After Katrina hit I received mops and a bucket from a disaster relief organization. From The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, I got my life back.Mindy Milan, LCSW, New Orleans, LA


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