This experiment with drawings builds on the relaxed awareness that concentrative meditations—like Soft Belly—help to cultivate. Drawings are one of the simplest, most reliable ways to bypass the fears that arise from our amygdala and the hope-limiting doubts of our “rational” left hemisphere. They give us immediate access to the right brain’s intuitive wisdom.

Drawings are easy for everyone to do and are a safe, playful way to express and share what’s going on inside us. Drawings invoke our imagination, our intuition, and empower them to play a creative, guiding role in our life. As you do them, you’ll see what’s possible, that even when you may feel empty of ideas or in despair, you have the capacity to imagine change.

In this module, we’ll do three Drawings. All you need is three sheets of blank paper—8 1/2″ by 11″ is fine—and crayons or magic markers.