Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD, LP

Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD, LP Clinical Director Minneapolis, MN, USA

Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD, LP, is an Integrative Clinical Psychologist and Consultant in Private Practice in Minneapolis, MN. She is a Senior Faculty Member for the Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s professional training programs, both nationally and internationally. Lynda is also a Senior Clinical Supervisor for candidates enrolled in the Center’s Certification Program and she is the Coordinator for the Mind-Body Medicine Internship Program for Certification Graduates. Lynda also currently teaches as part of the Core Faculty for the National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute (NPHTI) and as part-time faculty at Saybrook University, College of Mind-Body Medicine.

Lynda is a former Clinical Instructor of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota Medical School and she was the Lead Psychologist and Program Manager for the Integrative Medicine Department at Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota from 2001-2010. Lynda incorporates mind-body medicine, including biofeedback, guided imagery, and meditation, into her holistic psychotherapy practice with children, adolescents, adults, and families. Lynda facilitates regular mind-body skills groups, workshops and provides clinical consultation.