​Dylan Tête

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New Orleans, LA, USA dylan@joinbastion.org

Dylan Tête is a member of the CMBM Faculty. He is certified in Mind-Body Medicine.

Dylan is the Founder and Executive Director of Bastion Community of Resilience, an intentional community for warriors and families with life-altering injuries. He has organized partnerships between Bastion and the Bob Woodruff Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project, and continues to expand the impact of the organization throughout the US. His work with Bastion is rooted in his own experiences in combat, where he served in Iraq as the second-in-command of an Infantry company to establish recovery projects with the Department of State. He moved to New Orleans in 2005, where he managed the construction of several FEMA housing facilities after Hurricane Katrina. Dylan has also worked alongside Military.com to provide military personnel with assistance in transitioning into the civilian workforce, and also worked as a civil servant alongside the New Orleans Deputy Mayor of Public Safety.

Dylan earned his BS in Economics and Systems Engineering at West Point and MPH at the Louisiana State University School of Public Health. He is a recipient of the George W. Bush Military Service Citation, a fellow of the George Marshall Fund, and a member of the Delta Omega Honor Society.