Francisco (Frank) Munoz, MA, BCCC

Certified Alumni | he/him

Dr. Francisco (Frank) Muñoz has 22 years of clinical experience working with cancer patients and families alongside physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals as a chaplain-scientist. Between 2010 and 2015, he studied with Holly Prigerson, PhD, on her Coping with Cancer II study and also began studying genomics in his doctoral program in Mind Body Medicine. In 2016, Dr. Muñoz, collaborated with Linda Larkey, PhD, on a project where he researched gene expression as biomarkers for mechanisms of inflammation and cognitive deficits in breast cancer survivors. Dr. Muñoz also studied genomic bioinformatics as part of his National Cancer Institute research training. He studied at the NCGR/NM INBRE Sequencing/Bioinformatics Core in New Mexico; the Single Cell, Sequencing, and the CyTOF Core Laboratory at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; the Center for Genomics, Loma Linda School of Medicine; and the Keck Graduate Institute, Claremont, CA. Dr. Muñoz recently completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Cancer Genomics, studying genetic testing, under the mentorship of Stacy Gray, MD, for her R35 study, “Helping Our Patients Explore Genomics (HOPE-Genomics).” As a chaplain-scientist, Dr. Muñoz combines and integrates all his previous clinical patient care experience and NCI funded scientific research training to explore the therapeutic effects of mind-body medicine in cancer care. Currently, Dr. Munoz’ Mind-Body medicine clinic is available to City of Hope patients. If you are a City of Hope patient, please call 949-671-4673 to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment.

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