Jessica Singh, MD

Jessica Singh, MD practiced as an emergency medicine physician and completed the inaugural Physician Wellness fellowship in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. After completing fellowship, Dr. Singh founded Sukhayu Wellness, a wellness practice formed with the mission of helping individuals, communities and organizations nurture health, humanity, and well-being.

Dr. Singh’s work as a physician wellness consultant focuses on a systems-level process improvement approach to wellness. In addition to being a holistic coach, she holds certifications in yoga teacher training by the Sivananda yoga retreat, mind-body medicine by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Interactive Guided Imagery by the Academy of Guided Imagery, and Ayurvedic wellness counseling by Kerala Ayurveda Academy.

Dr. Singh facilitates mind-body skills groups on an ongoing basis that are open to all, and is passionate about bringing this work to organizations and specific communities. These groups provide a dedicated space for to enhance our own health and well-being while bearing witness to humanity and deepening our connection to ourselves and others.

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