John Bagnulo, MPH, PhD

Food as Medicine Faculty

John Bagnulo, MPH, PhD is a naturalist and nutritionist, a farmer and forager, and an assistant professor. He teaches courses at universities and leads programs at wellness centers throughout the US.

John Bagnulo has worked as a nutritionist for the past 22 years. He has also worked as an assistant professor and faculty member at universities and several non-profit organizations. He has led courses and given countless lectures on human metabolism, food and ecology, food and culture, nutrition and disease, and nutrition and cooking, among others. John has helped hundreds of patients reverse chronic diseases through a diet of whole foods.

John holds a Masters of Public Health from the University of North Carolina and a Doctorate from the University of Maine.

One of the foremost experts on food and health, John’s lectures and discussions place food at the center of a web that stretches from human physiology to our fields and from our ancestors to our kitchens. His talks and or lectures are sure to enlighten and entertain even the most well read and informed on the topic of nutrition and health.