Kellie N. Kirksey, PhD, LPCC-S

Certified Alumni | she/her

Dr. Kellie Kirksey is a consultant, expressive arts therapist, social justice advocate, poet and utilizes mind-body skills in all of her presentations and consultations. Dr. Kellie was mentored by Dr. Tanya Edwards, the founder of the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. Together they created and taught wellness groups which included mind-body medicine modalities.

Traveling and presenting workshops globally has given Dr. Kellie a passion for bringing global wellness practices into all of her work. Whether she is conducting a Cultural Humility workshop or presenting a Work Place Wellness seminar to corporations, drumming, dancing, shaking, breathing is always involved! She is the author of the book, Word Medicine: Affirmations and Poems to Support our Journey.

Dr. Kellie offers virtual groups for a variety of populations, including pain management, underserved populations, women’s and men’s wellness groups and self kindness groups to name a few.

Boardman, Ohio, United States +1 (330) 788-5021 Website