Kelsey Menehan, MSW, LICSW

Faculty, Certified Alumni | she/her
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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

Kelsey Menehan is a member of the CMBM Faculty and Supervision Team. She has worked on initiatives in Kosovo, Israel, and Gaza, and currently supervises those seeking Certification. She is certified in Mind-Body Medicine.

Kelsey is a psychotherapist who integrates mind-body practices into all of her work with people, whether at the hospital bedside, in hospice, in community mental health centers, or in private practice. She also trained as a spiritual director through Mercy Center in Burlingame, California, and finds that exploring how spiritual beliefs, stories and practices bring meaning and comfort can be fruitful. She currently works as a therapist at Prairie Care mental health clinic in the partial hospitalization program and in out-patient therapy.

She earned her BA in Journalism from Kansas State University, her Master’s in Communication from Wheaton College, and her MSW from The Catholic University of America. A common thread in all of Kelsey’s work is story—hearing people’s stories, and working with them to make sense of their stories. She enjoys seeing how those she works with weave the threads, even the dark, knotty ones, together to create a sense of purpose, meaning and connection. She currently lives in St. Paul, MN.