Lilita Matison, LCSW

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Lilita Matison is a member of the CMBM Faculty. With over two decades of experience as a clinical social worker, Lilita leads workshops and trainings around the world in global trauma relief and trauma-informed classrooms. Certified in Mind-Body Medicine, she trains and supervises educators, mental health professionals, and leaders in trauma-sensitive practices, self-regulation, and the integration of mindfulness and mind-body practices into schools, clinical practice, and organizations.

Lilita is adjunct faculty at Western Michigan University‚Äôs School of Social Work. She is a first generation Latvian-American and is interested in trans-generational trauma and the impacts of war and resettlement on family systems. She also brings expertise and experience as a curriculum writer and former Social-Emotional Learning teacher in French International schools. She is the author of the children’s book Bye-Bye Butterflies: Seven Ways To Breathe Out Worry, published in English, French, Spanish, Latvian, and Lithuanian, with animated book versions available in English and Ukrainian.

Lilita earned her MSW from the University of Michigan and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Michigan. Her interests include culinary arts, music, and travel.