Margaret Gavian, PhD, LP

Faculty, Certified Alumni | she/her

Dr. Margaret Gavian is a member of the CMBM Faculty. For over 20 years, she has worked with those who have experienced extreme trauma in regions such as Israel, Gaza, Kosovo, and Broward County. She also worked with the FDNY after 9/11, refugees, gang members, police, executives, professionals, teachers, and those living with chronic illnesses. She is certified in Mind-Body Medicine.

Dr. Gavian is a Licensed Psychologist and founder of Blue Peak Consulting, whose mission is to build resilience in first responders through training, education, and family support. She is the Medical Director of the Minnesota Fire Initiative, and leads a peer support program that serves the 22,000 firefighters in the state. Dr. Gavian also teaches resilience and self-care skills to public safety agencies—including law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency dispatch services. She has also held leadership positions in healthcare organizations, where she designed and executed care programs, and served as a consultant and training to community and healthcare organizations nationwide. Dr. Gavian has also taught courses on stress and trauma at the University of Minnesota. Her practical, solution-focused mindset complements her compassionate approach to wellness.

Dr. Gavian earned her PhD in Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She completed her training at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Minneapolis, Hazelden Foundation, where she focused on delivering evidence-based care.