Jean-Gardy Paul

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Gressier, Ouest Department, Haiti Twitter

Jean-Gardy Paul is a member of the CMBM Faculty in Haiti. Jean-Gardy facilitates in-person and online Mind-Body Skills Groups and is dedicated to CMBM’s education programs and national initiatives.

Jean-Gardy is a facilitator, and works with a variety of institutions, such as classical schools, orphanages, grassroots organizations, and political organizations. He is the current ASEC of the first Communal section of Gressier, as well as the Secretary General of POSIBLITE. He was formerly a teacher and disciplinarian at the Jean Baptiste Lappé College.

Jean-Gardy studied Educational Sciences at the Thomas Edison “CUTE” University Center. He is currently preparing his dissertation in psycho-pedagogy. As leisure, Jean-Gardy enjoys playing sports, listening to music, going on walks, volunteering in youth projects, and spending time with family.