Ramadan Saed El. Helou, PhD

Projects Manager, CMBM-Gaza; Staff, Faculty | he/him

Dr. Ramadan Saed El. Helou is the Projects Manager for CMBM Gaza. In this role, Dr. El. Helou manages the Programs Team’s projects and activities, trains various civilian groups in Mind-Body Skills both locally and in Jordan, and provides supervision for facilitators conducting Mind-Body Skills Groups.

Dr. El. Helou is a community mental health specialist, and has worked closely with various psychosocial intervention projects in Gaza. He has worked at the Community Training and Crisis Management Center in Gaza as a Technical Supervisor and Project Coordinator. He has also lent his expertise to various educational and health institutions, including Beir Zait University, the Palestinian School Health Directorate, and the El. Wafaa Medical Rehabilitation Hospital. Dr. El. Helou is also invested in researching the impacts of mind-body medicine, and has led studies on the relationship between meditation and glucose levels in diabetes patients, mind-body skills and building resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effects of trauma on school counselors in the Gaza Strip.

Dr. El. Helou holds a BA in Nursing, a Masters in Community Mental Health, and a PhD in Psychology from Quran El. Kareem University-Sudan. He also holds special diplomas in Education, Psychology, Community Mental Health, and Human Rights.