Rhonda Adessky, PhD

Clinical Director, CMBM-Israel; Faculty | she/her
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Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel rhondaadessky@hotmail.com

Dr. Rhonda Adessky is a member of the CMBM Faculty and the Clinical Director of CMBM Israel. There, Dr. Adessky uses the CMBM model to implement interventions in Israel. She also leads trainings in Israel for Palestinians and Israelis, Israeli Arabs, soldiers and police, educators, and healthcare professionals. She has also participated in CMBM trainings in Haiti, Ukraine, and the US, and online trainings. Currently, Dr. Adessky is meeting with Ukrainian psychologists and psychiatrists in the war effort, and is concurrently developing a large-scale education project for the South of Israel.

Dr. Adessky is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and mind body wellness. She teaches CBT in Israel and supervises widely at HMOs, universities, and hospitals. Dr. Adessky established the first hospital-based CBT clinic and training program at Hadassah Hospital in 2001. She is also the Clinical Director of Gefen, Mind Body Fertility Organization, a non-profit that provides emotional support for women struggling with fertility challenges. She runs CBT/Mind Body groups in addition to teaching and conducting research at Gefen.

Dr. Adessky received her BA in Psychology from Brandeis University and her MA and PhD from Concordia University in Montréal, her hometown. She completed her pre-Doctoral fellowship at the Yale School of Medicine and her postDoctoral fellowship at Yale’s Department of Psychology. She was the Associate Director of Yale Psychological Services and a lecturer there before moving to Israel and working at Hadassah Hospital. Dr. Adessky lives and works in Jerusalem, where she operates a private practice. Her favorite activities include spending time with her family and friends, being in nature, hiking, snow skiing, and traveling.