Rita Anita Linger, PhD, CPC, CMBP

Director, Faculty, Supervisor, Certified Alumni | she/her

Dr. Rita Anita Linger is a member of the CMBM Board of Directors, Faculty, and Supervision Team. She is certified in Mind-Body Medicine.

Dr. Linger is an award-winning community and public health professional, and academic researcher, who has worked for over 30 years to improve quality of care. Through the use of holistic and integrative interventions, she focuses on building healthy communities across the country. Dr. Linger is the Executive Director of Recovery Communities of North Carolina, a statewide organization that provides holistic, direct-recovery services to those struggling with substance abuse disorders and their families. She is also the Founder of Mindfully Human: Center for Personal and Professional Development. Dr. Linger is also a faculty member at the University of North Carolina in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, where she teaches courses on focus areas including psychophysiology, contemporary neuroscience, mind-body medicine, biofeedback, trauma-informed care, provider/patient communications; and diversity, equity, and inclusion. She also serves as one of the department’s Principal Research Investigators and as a Community Clinic Services Consultant. She is also on the faculty of Columbia University’s Global Dignity and Humiliation’s Program.

Dr. Linger earned her BA in Behavioral Health Care from Western International University, her MA in Organizational Transform and HR from Ottawa University, Phoenix, and her PhD in Human Science, Integrative Health and Medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, and Organizational Systems from Saybrook University.