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בית רימון, South District, Israel

Dr. Ronit Eilon is a member of the CMBM Faculty. She is certified in Mind-Body Medicine.

Dr. Eilon is a certified personal, couples, and family therapist at Shaar Hanegev Center, where she works with residents of Southern Israel impacted by violent conflict. Using mind-body medicine and holistic techniques, Dr. Eilon leads small groups to build resilience. She previously worked as an educational consultant for the Ministry of Education, where she helped high school students cope with conflict-related stress and anxiety.

Dr. Eilon holds a BA in Special Education, an MA in Educational Counseling, and a PhD in Psychology. She is trained in EMDR and CBT. Dr. Eilon loves nature, traveling in Israel and the world, reading, learning new things, dancing, watching plays, and spending time with her children, grandchildren, and friends.

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