Tammy Johnson, LCSW

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Tamala (Tammy) Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Adjunct Professor, owner of Heartstrings 411 Counseling LLC., Biosound therapy provider and certified with the Center for Mind and Body Medicine (CMBM). As a Certified Supervisor with the Center for Mind and Body Medicine, she has experienced a fullness in her life through the integration of mind and body skills. Tamala uses many skills to assist her with sleep, manage stress, improve energy, decrease joint pain and stimulate brain functioning. She strives to be her own “personal best” as she seems to understand that seeking of such excellence for herself broadens that which she has to share with others. Tamala has not only integrated the mind body skills into her personal life but also in her professional life. She has worked in private, community, military, residential and academic settings. Currently, Tamala serves as a therapist teaching individuals mind-body skills to assist with healing, stress and pain management. She has over 23 years of combined experiences centered on restoration from trauma, management of stress and closure after grief and loss. Also, Tamala has provided supervision to individuals pursuing CMBM certification. She has incorporated Mind-Body skills group model into the college classroom. Tamala enthusiastically teach these skills to assist others with balancing their mental, physical and spiritual lives to achieve “wholeness.” Lastly, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and tapping into her creative side.