Survivors of Natural and Climate Disaster

In the aftermath of a natural or climate disaster, it's more important than ever—and more difficult than ever—for survivors to regain their equilibrium and care for themselves. These events are traumatic for entire communities, and all must reckon with feelings of grief, loss, and anxiety. Even when things are safe again, survivors may still feel trapped in the fight-or-flight mode they adapted to cope with the disaster and/or may fear the threat of another catastrophic event.

Most disaster recovery programs focus on rebuilding physically after hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and floods. We help communities rebuild, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

After Katrina hit I received mops and a bucket from a disaster relief organization. From The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, I got my life back.

– Mindy Milam, LCSW, New Orleans, LA

Following a natural or climate disaster, entire communities may be displaced from their homes, anxious, grieving, and traumatized. We offer concrete, evidence-based skills that help restore balance to nervous systems. As people learn to use our healing tools and techniques, they begin to regain control over their lives and often enough find hope in a world that was once filled with despair.

Read about how we’ve helped communities rebuild emotionally after disasters: