Alternative medicine

August 19, 2009

The health conditions of many people seem to show very hard symptoms and sometimes the only one possible way to go is the alternative medicine. Now, you probably don’t know about this new branch of the medicine.

It’s a wide range of medicines that are focused on the healing of mind and body in the same time. This kind of medicine is particularly good for those health conditions that are caused by a bad psychological attitude or that put the patient in a condition of sadness and depression.

So, one of the alternative medicines we know today is the mind-body medicine.

The mind-body medicine is a sort of training course which wants to empower your potential strength of imagination and your emotions so that they can have a good influence on your health condition. It’s like healing through your own emotions and strength. The mind-body medicine is based on the concept that Hippocrates first wrote, saying that anyone has inside the healing force to get well and this great power should be always empowered by medicine.

According to the scholars, a first mind-body medicine appeared in very old times in China. The traditional Chinese medicine and the Ayurvedic medicine are both based on the link between mind and body. In opposite, the western medicine tradition has always been focused on the concept that mind and body are two separated things.

Now, lets’ talk about the techniques that are used by the mind-body doctors. Being this medicine strongly based on the power which exists in every single person, the only technique is the daily training of mind. Our mind should focus on the body and reestablish the initial link with it.

Among the most used techniques of mind-body medicine, there are the biofeedback and the cognitive behavioral therapy. The first one is focused to control certain processes of our body that occur without our will, like the hearth rate. Every patient is given a monitor or a watch and he can measure and control his progresses.

The second therapy is focused on the training of one’s emotions: you have to change your harmful thoughts and emotions in order to build harmony with your body and guide it to the healing.

In the recent times, many gamblers who play roulette online are following the mind-body techniques to find the right balance between their desire to win a prize and their fear to lose money. the results are still under evaluation by the researchers.