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Guiding Your Mind Away from Stress

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What if our imagination could help us relieve stress? What if we could condition our body to navigate itself from negative emotions by focusing on a mental scenario? Guided imagery is a technique that has been used in stress reduction for ages. In the simplest of terms, guided imagery may be referred to as visualization and mental imagery. However, guided … Read More

National PTSD Awareness Day – why today is important

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The month of June is National PTSD Awareness Month, and June 27th is National PTSD Awareness Day. But what exactly is PTSD? And how does it affect us? Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) occurs after a traumatic event, such as a car accident, shooting, combat, natural disaster, or sexual assault. Often after an event like this, people will have painful memories, … Read More

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

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James Gordon, MD in Lebanon meeting Syrian refugees

Musarrat Kazepis, our Special Programs Manager, Maha Ghatasheh from The Institute for Family Health in Jordan, and I are in Lebanon to explore possibilities for working with local organizations to meet the needs of Lebanon’s one million war-traumatized Syrian refugees. On our first day, we met with representatives of The American University of Beirut and the Aga Khan Foundation, as … Read More

Drawing pictures of hope

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James Gordon, MD using mind-body skills such as drawing to help Syrian refugees

On the fourth day, we do our second set of drawings and compare them with the first. In his hoped for future, the Syrian refugee draws himself back in his home, taking his rightful place, rebuilding. The Palestinian has “stopped the clock.” No longer trapped by the past or worrying about the future, he draws a winding river: “going with … Read More

Strength from family – past and present

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James Gordon, MD working with Syrian refugees on genograms

On the third day, we do genograms, family trees, and share them. We’re looking not only for patterns of disease and distress, as mental health professionals usually do, but also for strengths that can sustain us, for ancestors and contemporaries who can inspire us to deal with present challenges. The Syrian refugee sees himself getting wise counsel from his mother … Read More