Opening Day Opening Meditation

At the CMBM Training in Ternopil (July 12-20, 2023)
August 16, 2023
By: James S. Gordon, MD

Here are some of the 138 physicians, psychotherapists, educators, and leaders of women’s groups who participated in The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM)’s 9-day intensive trauma healing training in Ternopil (July 2023). Every one of these women and men, who are deeply committed to helping others, has been traumatized by the atrocities perpetrated against family members, friends, patients, and students, as well as by what they, themselves, have suffered.

Here, they are practicing slow, deep, Soft Belly Breathing, an antidote to the fight-or-flight and stress responses–the anxiety and agitation, the difficulty concentrating and fear for the future–with which so many of them have to contend. 

I’m breathing slowly and deeply with the participants, so relieved that Pact, our funding and implementing partner has brought us all together, already impressed by the commitment of the people who’ve come, and so curious about what will unfold in these next nine days. 

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