Iran & Farsi-Speaking Diaspora

Leaders in the Farsi-speaking community recognize the need for culturally relevant, evidence-based tools to manage community trauma related to displacement, migration, and systemic racism. CMBM has established collaborative relationships with leaders in the US and abroad, and has successfully facilitated mind-body skills groups and training in Farsi.

Our Farsi-language training initiative—led by CMBM Faculty Members Noshene Ranjbar, MD, and Shahine, LPC, LMFT—began in March 2021 as part of our first-ever Global Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine, a five-day intensive training that brought together more than three hundred professionals from around the world.

Our Initial Impact

Between April 2021 and September 2023, we trained more than 100 Farsi-speaking professionals in our model of self-care, awareness, and group support:

  • 156 professionals have completed our Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine
  • 86 professionals have completed our Advanced Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine
  • 56 individuals have completed facilitating at least one 8-week group
  • 90+ 8-week groups have been facilitated by trained participants
  • 2000+ individuals have been served in groups and workshops

Looking Ahead

We are continuing our work to expand our team of CMBM Faculty to include additional Farsi-speaking leaders who will continue to implement training, mentoring, and integration activities within their communities.


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Farsi-Language Self-Care Practices

During difficult times, self-care is more important than ever. Take a moment to ask yourself what you need in this moment: Is it movement? Slow, deep breathing? Time in nature? Try one of these brief, beautiful mind-body practices, led in Farsi by psychiatrist and CMBM Faculty Member Noshene Ranjbar, MD.

Breathing Practice

Movement Practice

Nature Practice

“Just as many little girls in the Middle East, I grow in a very harsh situation. I’ve experienced war, I witnessed my grandparents house collapsed in a missile attack. I lost two aunts and one uncle because of the political situation. Now I’m 49 and still see those scenes in my nightmares!!! I wish there had been people who could help me to pass those days easier. To give me the power to protect my soul. And to hold my hands when I was frightened.

CMBM has made it possible now. Thanks to them, we have gained the power to pass through.”


“I was pleasantly surprised to have brave men participate in our groups. The effect of these very simple techniques was more transforming for our men in the group than it was for women in our group in IR. In a patriarchy men and women are all victims. Hard to tell which carries the heavier burden… It was my experience, and it was expressed by male participants in the group that it was the first time for them to feel safe enough to express their most agonizing inner old wounds.”