Delicious in DC: Teaism

June 11, 2010

By Jo Cooper

Teaism, with 3 locations in downtown DC, is always a great choice for a light but special lunch.  Chef Rebecca Katz and I stopped by the Lafayette Park location yesterday, and I chose this colorful salad and their lentil soup.  “Lentil soup” doesn’t even begin to conjure.  I insisted Chef Katz try a bite of mine, and the next thing I knew, she was back in line getting her own bowl.  That lady doesn’t mess around!

The lentil soup is pureed, and we’re guessing contains cumin, coriander, cayenne… perhaps a garam masala, for that depth of flavor… some celery…. a garnish of cilantro for sure.  We’ll never guess their recipe, but honestly, it’s worth  a visit to Teaism for this soup.

The cuisine is a lovely Asian / American fusion, the decor in each location is imaginative (I’m especially partial to the original Teasism at Dupont, but Penn Quarter does have the koi pond…).  They do a nice breakfast, too (the ginger scones are legendary) and it’s rather a nice place to meet for tea.