Faculty Profile: Tanmeet Sethi, MD

June 7, 2023

Meet Tanmeet Sethi, MD—integrative family physician, educator, activist, author, TEDx speaker, and CMBM Faculty Member and Supervisor!

In addition to being deeply involved in our training programs as a Faculty Member, Dr. Sethi is part of CMBM’s Supervision Team, providing supervision and mentorship to trainees and certification candidates as they continue to improve their facilitation skills and begin to implement our model in their communities. In her role as integrative family physician, Dr. Sethi is dedicated to caring for Seattle’s refugee and uninsured populations. She has been Core Faculty in residency medical education for the last two decades, focusing on inpatient and outpatient family medicine, integrative medicine, and anti-racism in medicine. Dr. Sethi is certified in Functional Medicine, Psychedelic Medicine, and fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. She founded and directed an Integrative Medicine fellowship at Swedish Hospital Cherry Hill Family Medicine Residency in Seattle, WA. Today, she practices Integrative Medicine and Psychedelic Medicine, and is also on a primary research team at the University of Washington studying psilocybin for COVID burnout of frontline medical workers. Dr. Sethi earned her BA from Northwestern University and MD from Rush Medical College. She lives on unceded Salish and Duwamish territories, otherwise known as Seattle, with her husband and three children. She is passionate about gardening, cooking, traveling, and dancing.

Celebrating Joy is My Justice

We recently joined Dr. Sethi in celebrating the launch of her powerful new book, Joy Is My Justice: Reclaim What Is Yours, in which she powerfully combines lived experience and professional expertise to illuminate a science-backed path to reclaiming joy at a cellular level. The book is rich with wisdom: the neuroscience of joy, life lessons drawn from personal experience navigating some of life’s most difficult challenges, and practical tools to help restore joy, even in the face of injustice.

Joy Is My Justice is a clear-eyed, eloquent, loving guide to the joy and fulfillment that we can discover as we meet life’s darkest, most traumatizing challenges. Tanmeet Sethi has been there and done that. She does it every day, and generously shares her hard-earned wisdom. I am honored that Tanmeet credits the Center’s work as inspiration, and grateful for all that she teaches me.”

James S. Gordon, MD, Founder and CEO, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Dr. Sethi on her work with CMBM

  • What is your most memorable experience with CMBM? “I will never forget my all female group in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. They reminded me that we can have fierce compassion, powerful love for each other and ourselves and that this can heal.”
  • What do you want people to know about mind-body medicine? “These skills are accessible to all of us, they are part of our innate, primal wisdom. All of us deserve and can have moments of ease, hope and peace.”
  • What is your go-to mind-body medicine practice? “The breath. On top of its capacity to stimulate our vagus nerve, it reminds me that I have the power to start over in any one moment, to give my mind and body a moment of safety, no matter what.”

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Our thanks to Dr. Sethi for her leadership and voice! You can learn more about Dr. Sethi (and purchase Joy is My Justice as well as access all the free bonuses) at her website.