FAM Faculty Features: John & Cindy

September 10, 2015

I love my FAMily! Food As Medicine faculty features

Join the country’s leading lifestyle medicine clinicians and researchers as well as some of our most gifted holistic nutritionists, mind-body practitioners, patient advocates, and chefs, for the Food As Medicine Professional Training Program:


John Bagnulo, MPH, PhD – John is a naturalist and a nutritionist, farmer and forager. He teaches courses at universities and leads programs at wellness centers throughout the US, including an assistant professor at University of Maine at Farmingham and a member of the faculty for Saybrook University. He has led courses in human metabolism, food and ecology, food and culture, nutrition and disease, and nutrition and cooking, among others. John has helped hundreds of patients reverse chronic diseases through a diet of whole foods. He has a private practice in Belfast, ME. Learn more about John’s work here: www.johnbagnulo.comJohn Health Edge

John is co-host of the podcast The Health Edge: Translating the Science of Self-Care with fellow CMBM faculty Mark Pettus, MD. Together along with guests, they examine all things health through science and experiences.

At Food As Medicine, John will be discussing A History of the Human Food Experience: From Foraging to Farming, Macronutrients: Physiological Influences, Micronutrients, and Phytonutrients.




Cynthia Geyer, MD – Dr. Geyer is the Medical Director at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA. She has been a core faculty member of Food As Medicine since 2001, and serves on the Pittsfield Board of Health. She is also an active member of the Healthy Pittsfield Partnership and a board member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Cindy is also a board member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

cindy geyer FAM faculty blog postCindy specializes in women’s health issues such as transition hormones, effects of sleep deprivation, and weigh loss management strategies to boost metabolism and harness energy.

Cindy will be giving lectures on Understanding Core Imbalances: A Framework for Using Food As Medicine, Laboratory Assessment, and Medical Nutrition Therapy: Case by Case at Food As Medicine.