Hospitals, Clinics, and Healthcare Systems

Reducing stress and burnout in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare systems

Institution-wide transformation is possible, and with the added strain of COVID-19 on healthcare and education systems and first responders, it’s more necessary than ever.

VA Sunshine Healthcare Network (VISN 8)

Our partnership with the VA Sunshine Healthcare Network (VISN 8) is proof that integrating mind-body medicine across an entire healthcare system is possible. VISN 8 is the largest hospital and clinic system in the Veterans Health Administration, serving 1.6 million US veterans across the southeastern US and Caribbean. We provide advanced mind-body medicine training and professional mentorship to VISN 8 Whole Health Coaches and clinical and administrative leaders. Over three years, we’ve trained more than 300; of these, 210 have achieved CMBM Certification, including a leadership group of 30. These leaders are now training new cohorts of staff and ensuring the sustainability of the CMBM program within the entire VISN 8 system.

Eskenazi Health

Eskenazi Health is one of the nation’s largest safety net health systems, serving all sectors of Indianapolis’ diverse population.

Since 2015, we’ve partnered with Eskenazi Health to implement a comprehensive training program in self-care, stress reduction, mind-body medicine, nutrition, exercise, and group support.

In an evaluation conducted by Eskenazi Health, CMBM-trained staff known as  “Wellness Champions” reported numerous positive outcomes as a result of the training: reduced stress, lower blood pressure, weight loss, better family relationships, closer workplace bonds, increased physical activity, healthier food choices and more positive attitudes towards eating, and the diffusion of self-care skills into the hospital and the community.

This training was socially, emotionally, and professionally life changing for me. I learned and grew more in the past week than I did in three years in my MSW program. I am already integrating relaxation exercises into my role as a therapist in my private practice. I am hungry for knowledge and growth from CMBM and look very forward to the advanced training.

– Christie Clayton, MSW, LCSW, Indianapolis, IN

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