VISN 8 Veterans: What Mind-Body Medicine Means to Me

Partners: VA VISN-8 Sunshine Healthcare Network, VA National Office of Patient-Centered Care and Cultural Transformation

VA Sunshine Healthcare Network (VISN 8)

Our partnership with VISN 8 is proof that integrating mind-body medicine across an entire healthcare system is possible.

VISN 8 is the largest hospital and clinic system in the Veterans Health Administration, serving 1.6 million US veterans across the southeastern US and Caribbean. We provide advanced mind-body medicine training and professional mentorship to VISN 8 Whole Health Coaches and clinical and administrative leaders. Over three years, we’ve trained more than 300; of these, 210 have achieved CMBM Certification, including a leadership group of 30. These leaders are now training new cohorts of staff, and ensuring sustainability of our program within the entire VISN 8 system.

Veterans share the impact of mind-body medicine on their lives