Food As Medicine: Day 2

June 9, 2012

By Jo Cooper

Food As Medicine 2012 - Day 2

Great flow today, from Sheila Dean DSc, RD’s state-of-the-art science in Macro & Micro Nutrients to Joel Evans, MD’s remarkably smooth (and of course humorous!) Detoxification: A Food-Based Approach. Co-authors of The Inside Tract Gerard Mullin, MD and Kathie Swift, MS, RD provided When in Doubt, Follow the GUT and Digestive Healing & Elimination Diets respectively, an all-important guided tour of the essential science and clinical treatment of the digestive tract. Dr. Gordon led us in active meditation to shake out the stress, and Chef Rebecca Katz offered a brand new food demo this afternoon, Herbs & Spices: Science & Cuisine, with a tray of colorful spices and a tour of how they fit into the healing kitchen.

Our Supporters are so much fun this year! We are learning a lot from our friends from ProThera, Inc, Cyrex Laboratories, and Village Green Apothocary, and enjoying samples from soups and smoothies to almond “ice cream” whipped up in the Vitamix and trying on colorful Calamarie eco-jewelry hand-crafted by artisans in Colombia.

And, of course, a highlight of every day: lunch! Today’s luncheon lesson: gluten-free can be delicious! Wild miso ginger salmon, rice paper rolls with dipping sauce, brilliant green chard, jicama and red cabbage salad, sweet potato coconut soup and more. Everything was great. The soup was unforgettable. It is, by the way, extremely unusual for conference food to be THIS good, and for any hotel kitchen to execute it THIS well. The Hyatt Regency Bethesda Chef Jack Stubbs and his kitchen win gold stars again.

And thanks to our extraordinary attendees for another day of remarkable conversations and good spirits!