A Fondness for Dark Chocolate

A Fondness for Dark Chocolate

By Jo Cooper

Ok, I confess:  I love dark chocolate.  When I learned that Food As Medicine faculty member Joe Pizzorno, ND, founding President of Bastyr University and a wellness expert if ever there was one, eats some every day, I gave myself over to this one small, off-the-charts delicious treat.  I eat tons of fruits and vegetables daily, walk to work and am mindful, I promise- so, what can be the harm? Especially since dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants?

Well, I just found a good new one.  I usually don’t share products, but this one is worth taking note of:  organic dark chocolate with sea salt in it.  Golly!

The story goes that the folks who started Salazon Chocolate Company were hiking in Utah and noticed that the chocolate they broke into their trail mix was enhanced by the saltiness.  Indeed! Imagine excellent quality dark chocolate with the bright, engaging tang of a lovely fleur de sel.


The one in the photo is their bar with sea salt and cracked pepper.  I prefer the one with just sea salt, but Whole Foods and Marvelous Market up the street were both sold out– and believe me, this will do very nicely in a pinch 🙂

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