A Real Find: Brazilian Collard Greens

A Real Find: Brazilian Collard Greens

By Jo Cooper

Ooooh, I love the internet!  Once home with my fresh collard greens from the farm market, I felt inclined to try something new.  A  google search turned up an appealing and speedy recipe for Brazilian collard greens– not the oxymoron you might think, for greens that are famous for slow, slow cookin’.

The whole process is revealed in this brief video, featuring then-executive food editor of Gourmet magazine Kemp Minife.  The most time consuming thing is slicing the rolled up leaves into fine ribbons.  Chop some fresh garlic, then the cooking takes literally 3 minutes.  You wind up with yum yum yum delicious, brilliant green, garlicky, toothsome greens that even a teenager will like.  Seriously!  Taste-tested in my own kitchen, and not a smidgen of leftovers.  This is a keeper.

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Jo Cooper

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  1. yummy I want some seriously do you think I can find in NYC? I remember eating lunch at Brownies with my son who was about 2 1/2 – a healthy restaurant now defunct in union square and Danny Kaye stopped to say hello because my son was eating collard greens and making mmm ~ mmmm~ mmmm~ noises and Danny was enthralled.

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