Culinary Adventure: Black Beans & Rice, Dominican Style

Culinary Adventure: Black Beans & Rice, Dominican Style

By Jo Cooper

What can be better than cooking with friends? Recently Rosenny and I took over the main kitchen at the Center and headed out on a culinary adventure, cooking lunch for the whole office. She brought the beans, rice, and spices, and I brought fresh veggies from the farm market. We got things going, and pretty soon colleagues were drifting in, curious. This is the smell of the Dominican Republic, friends, said Rosenny. When the whole thing gets together, it’s going to be something out of this world.

This was mindful cooking. We drank in the colors, smells and traditions, spicing everything with smiles and laughter. The magic ingredient that makes these beans like no other is sofrito, a pungent blend of Cubanelle pepper, garlic, onion, cilantro, fresh thyme and spices. Click here for the complete recipe as we made it. The results? A low cost, nutrition-packed menu that easily served us all, of Texmati brown rice, black beans Dominican style, and a gorgeous fresh salad that smelled like sunlight, with a simple lemon and olive oil dressing.

The slides show the step-by-step, and the happy faces of our friends. Mmmmmmmm….! Even the dishwashers were cheerful.

Bon voyage!

ps– what are some of your favorite big flavor, low cost, feed-a-crowd, nutritious meals?

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Jo Cooper

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5 Replies to “Culinary Adventure: Black Beans & Rice, Dominican Style”

  1. Wow! I'm salivating as I'm watching this beautiful slide show. This is Yum in Action!When can I come for lunch?
  2. Jo~What a lovely meal and cast to boot! It has inspired me to go downstairs and make some yummy vittles for lunch! I will invite a friend to share the joy and we will dine outdoors on the deck to take in the fresh air and sunshine.Melissa
  3. Jo-Thanks for sharing a fabulous meal and a wonderful time with friends, what it's all about! I am going to make this as well. I think beans in all cultures are such a great delicious, low cost way to nourish ourselves. Indian dahls are used the same way and one of my most comforting foods.
  4. Friends, thank you for your great comments! Tanmeet, one of my next culinary adventures is going to be cooking Indian food with friends. Dahl is comfort food for me, too- and so vital! Always feel great after eating lentils. I hope you'll share your dahl recipes when we post that one… Cheers!
  5. Jo, I've got to share one of the key ingredients of this entire experience. A colleague asked us what was in the brown rice as it was the best brown rice she had ever had. Jo simply responds, salt and a little olive oil. I mentioned love. Jo taught me a wonderful mindfulness exercise as she thoughtfully washes her rice she thinks about all the mothers, women, and people who are nourished and sustained b y rice and sends wave of love to them and pours some of that love into the rice as well. It really was the best brown rice I've ever had. And I do that meditation now when I was my rice and I am connected to all those people before me, and most especially my good friend Jo. Thanks Jo!

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