Liquid sunshine: 7 days of green smoothies

Liquid sunshine: 7 days of green smoothies

By Jo Cooper

I admit it: I’m hooked on green smoothies.  But if you have to have a vice, hey.

For me (and everyone’s different, which is pretty wonderful), green smoothies are the perfect start to a day. They taste like liquid sunshine, and make me feel strong and energized all morning.

Here are a week’s worth of photos and recipes to get you started.  You’ll note the occasional profusion of jars– a sign that my whole family is hopping on board this smoothie thing.  My oldest son (he who does not like vegetables) is up to one quart a day.  And if you are getting the idea they are delicious, you are absolutely correct.

Recipes below.  A couple of basics:  vary your greens, so you don’t O.D. on too much oxalic acid in spinach, for instance.  All plants have protective devices– too much is too much.  Rotate with kale, parsley, romaine lettuce, chard, and so on.  Too thick?  Add more water.  Or, you can add coconut water, like our faculty member Derek Neal did in our previous post (see ‘smoothies’).  For convenience and cost savings, organic frozen fruit is a great option.  Freeze bananas that are getting too soft, to add to future smoothies.  Add ripe avocados for delectable smoothness. You get the idea.

1.  Kale & Cantaloupe (Monday)
1/2 organic cantaloupe, kale (ribs removed), water
2.  Pinneapple & Spinach (Tuesday)
1/2 fresh pineapple, spinach, handful of parsley, water
3.  Peach Raspberry (Wednesday)
Frozen peaches, 1/4 pint raspberries, banana. small head of lettuce  & some mint leaves for zin
4.  Blueberry Fig (Thursday)
4 Brown Turkey figs, 1/4 pint blueberries, banana, lacinato (aka dino) kale (ribs removed), water
5.  Alex’s Minty Mango (Friday)
Frozen or fresh mango, spinach, mint leaves, water
6.  Parsley Passion (Saturday)
1/2 bunch parsley, 1/2 cucumber, peeled, 1 apple, 1/2 ripe banana, 1 cup water
7.  Strawberry Nectarine (Sunday)
Nectarine, handful of strawberries, banana, frozen pineapple, lacinato kale

More resources:  I highly recommend Victoria Boutenko’s books Green for Life and The Green Smoothie Revolution along with her family’s terrific blog (see ‘favorite sites’) for zillions of recipes, how to introduce smoothies to babies and children, and more.


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7 Replies to “Liquid sunshine: 7 days of green smoothies”

  1. I would love to see more precise amounts for the ingredients of these smoothies, especially for the greens. For instance, how much kale, such as 2 cups chopped and loosely packed? Or 1/2 bunch of parsley could vary from 3/4 cup to 2 cups, depending on how big the bunch is. Could you follow up? Thanks!
    1. I tend to wing it, based on what’s in my frig and fruit basket. For specific recipes, I highly recommend Victoria Boutenko’s Green Smoothies Blog: That will get you started. Also, the photographs in the slide show are in order 1 – 7, showing the blender container (so you can see roughly how much should be greens, etc) and resulting smoothie. Hope this helps! And let me know how it goes, Debby.
  2. “green smoothies are the perfect start to a day” Definitely. You will start to see a different if you continue to drink them for about a month. My power drink: Pink smoothies (1 beet, 1 tomato + 1 green apple + 1 cucumber + purple cabbage + 1 carrot + 1.5 cup of water) served with a bit of lemon juice (taste better). EelynnLee
  3. Hi Jo! I’m repentant! I haven’t had a chance to get back to you since Charlottesville. Thought I’d check out your blog today and now I find delicious looking smoothies! Yum! Now I need a VitaMix, the new hot kitchen item—everyone seems to have one. Thanks for your recipes! All your readers should know what a lovely person you are! BTW: a visit next early March, okay? Barbara
    1. Dear Barbara, Thank you 🙂 Disclaimer: we’re not VitaMix reps! But they are amazing. I have heard there are new brands of high speed blenders to explore, too– and there are reconditioned ones, like mine. What I like about smoothies as opposed to juicing is that you get all the fiber. too– all the better! And early March would be great! Do stay in touch.
  4. I am big smoothie and fresh juice fan, through Jeanette’s blog I bumped here..and I am glad I did…theres a lot more now to try out..looking at your smoothie combinations..Do visit my blog whenever time permits..

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