November 23, 2017

I’m grateful today for people and opportunities that open my heart and mind, offer love, and reveal truth.

For those touched by our work, and willing to take a chance on it, men and women Soft Belly breathing, and Shaking and Dancing their way through struggles with past trauma and present challenges.

For the way our staff and faculty are stretching, sometimes a bit uncomfortably, to understand one another and work together.

For the way we are learning to let down our guard and really listen to each other.

For those who first meet us — arms crossed, eyes averted — who wonder what in God’s name we are up to, but stick around to find out.

For the enduring kindness, generosity, and guidance of CMBM’s Board.

For all those who have supported our work so faithfully for so long and made it possible — especially Don and Kathleen DeLaski and Chuck Feeney.
For those new friends who keep stepping up to put their arms around our shoulders and offer partnership and support.

For the blessing of having a body and the gift of being able to enjoy it.

For those who teach me, whether I like it or not, to be a bit more humble.

For the miracle of creativity.

For Rosemary Lombard Murrain, our Managing Director, and my goddaughter, who does so much to make our vision and mission a reality.

For Brian Jacobson, our Communications Director, who kindly insisted that I write this message and gave me the opportunity to find what wanted to be said.

For all my relations, as the Lakota people have taught me to say and understand, and to knowing that all of you are my relations.

Happy Thanksgiving,

James S. Gordon, MD
Founder and Executive Director
The Center for Mind-Body Medicine