Learn more about our on-going work in Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010. The Center for Mind-Body Medicine has provided essential skills to caregivers to treat ongoing issues as a result of the horrible tragedy. Read more about our work in Haiti.


A Long Way to Go

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Over the next few months, 10-week-long small group workshops will take place at the Foyer des Orphelins d’Haiti Orphanage.

Now…and Then

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A plaque is presented in honor of Don deLaski, to be hung on the wall of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s Port-au-Prince office.

On to Jacmel

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Jacmel, a seaside town famous for its crafts, is a three hour drive south (of Port-au-Prince] across the mountains.

Visiting Notre Dame de la Guadeloupe

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Children who participate in CMBM group exercises are less stressed out and less prone to the nightmares and angry outbursts that have plagued them since the January 2010 earthquake

Our Haiti Team, Bill Clinton, and More

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CMBM visits Haiti to discuss integrating its practices into Haiti’s Ministry of Health. Their work has been supported by the likes of Bill Clinton for its inclusive and effective healing model.