Handy: Spaghetti Scrubs

February 17, 2011

By Jo Cooper

I don’t buy a lot of stuff, but I appreciate useful, practical things that possess virtue. These spaghetti scrubs do.

Having tested them thoroughly in my kitchen, with the help of my sons, I can report that these odd looking things:

  • make doing the dishes easier
  • scrub gently without scratching
  • are equally good at scrubbing veggies
  • are gentle on the hands
  • are interesting colors
  • clean easily (really, there’s nothing to it)
  • air dry in a snap with no risk of mold
  • are environmentally-friendly

The yellow one is for pots (or scrubbing potatoes, for example) and is made of corn cobs. The rouge-red one is made of peach pits, and is perfect for gently scrubbing plates and mugs.

There are two per package, and they haven’t aged a jot in the 2 months they’ve been in constant use in my home. You may notice, as I have, that household members are less resistant to doing dishes since the task is made easier by these curly scrubs.

A quick online search will reveal several vendors. And though they are not food, they are made of food and intimately connected with cooking, so I hope you’ll give me a little latitude with my subject matter 🙂