Launch of the Emergency 2023 Gaza Project

February 22, 2023

CMBM Country Director for Gaza, Jamil Atti, PhD and our committed local Faculty are doing amazing work, bringing evidence-based skills for self-care to the Gaza Strip. Here’s what the CMBM Gaza team has been up to lately.

“Through trauma healing and healing the wounds of war program, CMBM has launched the Emergency 2023 Project, which targets all segments of the Palestinian community affected by crises and the ongoing violence on the Gaza Strip, in an attempt to improve the quality of their lives for a better social life and positive mental health. The project activities are implemented in all governorates of the Gaza Strip through partner CBOs, where CMBM facilitators provides MHPSS services through 8-sessions Mind-Body Skills Groups, and Mind-Body based workshops for stress management, emphasizing on raising awareness on the importance of MHPSS Services, especially with the current situation.”

Translated from Arabic.

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