Mind-Body Skills Workshop at The Islamic University in Gaza

February 22, 2023

CMBM Country Director for Gaza/Haiti, Jamil Atti, PhD, and our committed local Faculty are doing amazing work, bringing evidence-based skills for self-care to Gaza. Here’s what the CMBM Gaza team has been up to lately.

Dr. Jamil Abdel Atti, CMBM Director, conducted a Mind-Body Skills Workshop for university students of the Psychology Department at the Islamic University in Gaza.

“The Mind-Body Therapy Center, led by Dr. Jamil Abdel Ati and facilitator, Asmaa Khaddora, implemented a training workshop on mind and body skills within the course of psychological support programs for female students of the Department of Psychology at The Islamic University. The center was invited to implement the workshop by Dr. Khitam Al-Sahar, the course teacher at the university. The meeting used mind-body skills and taught students how to implement them in individual and group work. The training occurred for 5 hours and was extremely helpful for the students.”

Translated from Arabic.

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