October 31, 2013

By Jo Cooper

Introducing….Mindful. We’re already partial to being mindful, but now there’s a magazine all about it–the latest findings, the latest programs, the most wonderful stories–the juicy bits. The October edition features an interview with Center founder and director Dr. James Gordon called “A Journey to the Center of Yourself,” 8 pages of his sage perspectives with beautiful illustrations. As soon as we got our hands on copies, staff members were pouring over the interesting articles cover-to-cover, from “At NASA, Meditation is Rocket Science” to “To Pause and Protect”, the cover story about Oregon police officers learning mindfulness techniques, to “Children Helping Children”… oh, my! Do I need to say we are all hooked?

In the course of working on Dr. Gordon’s article, the Center connected with the folks at the magazine, and, long story short, we became friends. So now if our friends order subscriptions, for themselves or as gifts, we receive a small percentage of the purchase price to support the Center’s work. With gift-giving season nearly upon us, we hope you’ll treat yourself, family and friends to Mindful. You’ll love it! And we’ll be grateful, too.

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