Mind-Body Skills Groups for Treatment of War-Traumatized Veterans: A Randomized Controlled Study

Staples, J. K., Gordon, J. S., Hamilton, M., & Uddo, M.


A mind-body skills group (MBSG) program was evaluated to determine its effects on symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans at a PTSD specialty clinic in the Veterans Affairs Health Care System.



This study evaluated the effects of a mind-body skills group (MBSG) intervention on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.


Veterans (n = 108; mean age = 55.97 [SD = 11.72]; 96% male) at a PTSD specialty clinic in the Veterans Affairs Health Care System were randomized to a 10-week MBSG program or standard treatment. PTSD was the primary outcome measure. Secondary outcomes included anger, sleep, depression, anxiety, posttraumatic growth, and health-related quality of life.


MBSG participants had significantly greater improvement in the total PTSD score after 10 weeks compared to the standard treatment group. Hyperarousal and avoidance scores significantly improved at 10 weeks and improvements in the hyperarousal symptoms were maintained at 2-month follow-up. MBSG participants also had significant decreases in anger and sleep disturbance. There were no significant differences in the other secondary outcomes.


This MBSG intervention offers promise in helping Veterans with PTSD and its related symptoms.

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